Waituna Wetlands cameras
Supplied by SouthLoop

Please note that currently it costs up to $80/month to run these cameras via RBI internet. If the cameras dates have not been updated for some time, we have not yet topped up the RBI acocunts.
Donations towards keeping these running would be greatly appreciated - either in Skinny Topup voucher numbers (e-mail to waituna@southloop.net.nz) or via Givalittle.

Breakout - Waituna Lagoon West end of Waituna Lagoon
Temperature at West end at 2021-12-09 08:44:15: 16.70 Deg C   /  Humidity: 90.90 %  
Brakout - Waituna Lagoon
Big Lake -6 hours
Wee lake - Waituna Lagoon


ES gauge at the channel at Waghorn Road
ES gauge at Marshall Road
Marshall Road